Hang in There

You must guide an orange cat through a dungeon with spikes and traps. Climb on vines or dash to a platform to reach the goal and escape.

Originally made for "Mini Jam 80: Cats". Could not make it in time but I decided to finish it anyway. It must have a lot of bugs but I hope you enjoy it.


Created by Acasas

Audio I used from freesound.org:

etl Cat Explodes 24-96 by cmusounddesign

High_Whoosh_02 by RSilveira_88

Wind Chimes, A by InspectorJ

Walking_1 by Mativve

Very quick Splash and squishy sound by aarrnnoo

Dungeon Air by Flamiffer


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Short but quite interesting, I liked the simple pixel art. There were a couple of bugs like holding W/S glitches the character or sometimes appear underground, and also in my first try I somehow managed to get out of the map and was in a void so I couldn't do anything and I had to refresh the page. You could fix that by adding invisible spikes or somethings outside the map. But other than these little bugs it was a fun game. :)


Thanks for playing!! Glad you liked it. I will try to fix those bugs.